What do we do?

Although you might find our code with one of the games in The Finnish Museum of Games in Tampere, it doesn't have to mean we belong there.

Game design

Game design and development.


Game programming and AI


Our games definitely need some support... right?

Meet our party

We are party of four merry fellows trying to complete their everlasting quest to make a perfect videogame. We have our day jobs in the ICT, but our motivation is to fight our bosses and pass all levels!


The Monk of our party who keeps our code working using his humble but yet so magical abilities.


The Rogue of our party. A bit like Gollum but more honest, trustworthy and definitely a nicer and cleaner fellow.


The Bard of our party who enchants the crowds with his magical sounds of music and sound effects.


The Cleric of our party who uses his Preaching-ability and divine holiness to light our way in the dark world.

Get in touch!

If you need more information about us, you can send us a message to our email, which is info @ arcticcoconut dot com